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Morning Coffee #2

Morning Coffee #1

  • David Sparks did a short screencast on the little app called Palua, which allows you to switch your functional keys between, well…, being functional keys or being keys with Apple-specific functions (like brightness or volume control etc.) In other words, if you’re using function keys a lot and you’re struggling with pressing Fn + function key (which on my Macbook Pro are respectively top and bottom rows of the keyboard), then you would love Palua . Personally, I think the best feature of the app is an ability to set the default mode for each individual app, so let’s say I want to use function keys in Vim and don’t want to press Fn each and every time, then I can make function keys mode to be default for Vim. Oh, and the best part - it’s just a buck.
  • Really glad to see that Neal Stephenson’s Clang project on Kickstarter actually reached its goal of 500k, which means that it may actually happen now. I’m interested in the concept and though the fact that it’s going to be a PC game makes it less interesting for me (my gaming is now pretty much exclusively on iPad and Xbox (well, and on a Mac too)), still it’s an interesting project and I wish it well. Plus they’re here, in Seattle, which makes it infinitely cool.


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It will take some experimentation to get up to speed with the Octopress, but I like it so far